Where are all those creative ideas when you need them?

Facilitating Innovation in the Workplace.

Innovation can be practiced, facilitated, and scaled.

We are born creatives. 

Some people lose their edge during school and others at work. Their flexible thinking gets sucked out of them suddenly finding themselves with little enthusiasm or drive to change things for the better. They become complacent. 

But not you. 

You were born to be a change agent. You thrive to inspire your colleagues to apply their imagination at work. 

My job is to bring to your awareness the different playing fields at work that help promote or block your creativity. It's up to you then what to do with this information. You will have the world in your hands, and the ball in your field. 

Go make a ruckus. 

What do you know about ...

Tools & Methods

If ideas don't come out of nowhere, where do they come from?

Process & Press

Facilitating vs. managing innovation in creative spaces.

Finding the others

The fluid thinking of creative mindset among fellow practitioners. 

Here's what we will cover in this one hour webinar ...

*  Current scenarios in managing innovation in the workplace.  

*  Why managers are not the best facilitators for their teams.  

*  How conventional thinking creates incremental advances, not innovative leaps. 

*  Why creative people don't seem to share their ideas at work

*  Why the boardroom is the worst place for ideation. 

*  Myths and assumptions about facilitating innovation at work.

*  The real budget needed for innovation. 

*  Creative tools and innovation methods. What's the difference?

*  How "sleeping on it" actually works miraculously.

*  Additional insights shared based on participants questions

Two sessions coming up soon ..

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at (12:00 Dubai | 4 AM Toronto | 4 PM Singapore) 


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