Creative Senses Challenge

A challenge a day, for seven days, to spice up your creative senses at work. 

What will you experience in the Creative Senses Challenge?

Through this challenge, you will be able to: 

  • Listen to industry leaders and other professionals make use of their senses to amplify their creativity, in 20 minutes a day. 
  • Find unique approaches to adopt when you feel stuck at work.
  • Learn to observe your own processes and patterns and discover new senses that enhance your work routine.
  • Activate the creative potential that is hidden in you. Go through our challenges and try for yourself to activate your creative senses. 

Hybrid times call for innovative measures. 

Take notes on how mavericks remain curious through hills and valleys, and how they play with their senses in order to create an invigorating experience at work. Experiment with your own thoughts and processes and read your creative patterns through our challenges. 

Meet our Mavericks

Intrapreneurs and awesome individuals working in global organizations have used their creative superpowers to progress through their careers brilliantly. They are well aligned internally and externally and have used their senses creatively. Listen to their short conversations and find out more about how they think through challenges at work. 

What are those conversations about ?

We interviewed seven mavericks in global organizations to ask how do they thrive in their roles. We found that they approach their work with vigor and a high level of personal engagement consistently. We have summarized some lasting points from those interviews to show you the creative goodness that is coming your way.

Tune in to Randah Taher and Mohamed Ali as they share key takeaways and insights from these conversations with the mavericks.

Meet your Creative Senses!

There's not much preparation from your side, other than having a lust for change and an inspired mindset to learn and experiment. Get ready to: 

  • Take a few minutes of your time daily to listen to a 20 minute conversation with a maverick.
  • Get excited about the possibility of honing your creativity using everyday tools
  • Bring all your senses onboard. Invite new ones to explore. 
  • Connect with your inner creative and meet yourself on a deeper level.
  • Learn how we see problems differently and how we observe the connection between our senses to possible solutions. 
  • Give the reign to your curious soul to play and explore.

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